• Bio security

        The company keeps every sample of shrimp processes each day for diagnosis of bacteria and micro organisms. The    samples are taken from raw materials until finished products with high quality tools and modern standard laboratory    expertise. This ensures that there is absolutely no disease.
                Everywhere inside the factory, temperature is controlled by a computerize system. The products are kept within    controlled temperature in every transportation step for quality and freshness. Therefore we can be confident that no    matter how near or how far the transportation distance, the SUF can maintain the standard and freshness of the products    in order to reach the consumer hands with care and responsibility



  • Responsible for employees

          We concentrate on staff training programs which are held every week.
          These are to inspire and reinforce work procedure for both new staff and former staff.
          As the company still continues to grow, the staff also benefits.



  • Environmental Comcern

           With high environmental concerned and high social responsibility,you can be sure that our production processes do      not harm the environment. Our company has the wastewater treatment plants as a part of important standard




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